Thursday, October 17, 2013

Epic cake day weekend part 2

The weekend had more cake than that, but to add any more to what I wanted to say in the last post would have spoilt it.

So far in the game, we have had 2 cakes. But wait there's more!

The following day, we had news that kooka cafe was to close down. Apparently the owners(or one of the) are going to Australia to further her studies. We have to catch them on their last day.

When we went to Kooka, there was a promotion to buy 3 cake slices for the price of 2. So we took the 3 most promising cakes Kooka had to offer, honey pine nuts, almond orange and something I forgot. Haha.

There isn't much to say, the cakes were good, but after what we've had this weekend, it was too much to take in. And by now we've had 5 cakes and more than we ever want to eat.

Phew... talk about an epic cake weekend huh...

So we had dinner to wrap up the weekend. Went to vivocity for the World's End(Simon Pegg WOOHOO!). The movie was awesome, the trilogy has now been completed. We had dinner at soup spoon and it was a great weekend.

But a good blog post wouldn't be perfect without a twist right? Surprise surprise, turns out soup spoon had a promotion for a free cake with minimum spending of $20. There it is, the 6th cake of the weekend. Cloying, sweet, commercial. Compared to what we had, handmade with love, this was the cake of all evil. And here it is.

Our epic cake weekend.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The epic cake day weekend

Let me get this down before I forget. Ahhh...

So it was Aud's birthday last weekend, and by some funny chain of events, we ended up having more cake than we ever want to in our lives.

A couple of weeks ago, I won a kitchenaid mixer. A thing of beauty that is. Red, shiney, and lots of muscle beneath the shell. So what better way to present a cake to the love of my live, than to make it myself? I'll be so amazing and everything will go well right?

Not right. In fact, everything that could have gone wrong did. By the time I left for Aud's place, I was covered in a sticky film of chocolate, sugar, flour and sweat. And frustration. Made a mess, dropped a chocolatey whisk, spilt milk. The works. But nonetheless, a cake was produced. A whole kilo of awesome.

Took a quick shower, put the gorgeous cake into a nice cardboard box and then rushed out of the house to catch a waiting cab. And then it happened. The cardboard handle tore off, the cake fell and went khabloosh. All the effort and all the pent up frustration came flowing out of my eyes.

So I went to Aud's house, defeated, empty handed, deflated. We had a store bought cake for her birthday, and it was nice, we had dinner, it was also nice, and then we swore we'll get back at the universe and make another cake that would put the first one to shame. We'll rise and take on the challenge hand in hand. Two of us, we cannot be beaten.

And it was beautiful.

Funny thing about this, it took me a huge failure to realise that a relationship is not one sided. That love and marriage, is about combining the best of both parties to achieve things that wouldn't have been easy, or possible even, to accomplish. That, to me is a blessing that I never would have learnt of, if not for this lesson.

I love you Aud.